me and dudleyIn 2016, I moved to Northern Kentucky to work as a content editor at a non-profit organization. Here, my best friend and fellow writer Laura and I keep busy in our new normal, dream of where we’re headed, and live by the song of Canadian geese in the pond down the hill.

Oh, and there’s also the boy—our dachshund puppy, Dudley, who is an endless source of comedy and character. All stomach that dog, and he wears his little heart on his furry sleeve.

I’m always changing my view of things—always trying to look at life and its dealings from a different perspective. But of this I am sure: between the lines, life is poetry, tragic and beautiful—or at least that’s how I choose to see it from my view on Goose Hill.

Here you won’t find political debate (I’m practically apolitical) or religious proselytizing (though you’ll read about the faith I’m daily learning and unlearning), and most certainly you won’t hear a sales pitch (though I might try to sell you on the virtues of Laura’s gluten-free almond butter banana pancake recipe).

But if you’re up for seeing things from a different point of view, rethinking what you thought you knew, or learning random facts that could very well win you a million dollars some day on a trivia game show, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’d love to hear your perspective too, so please start a conversation in the comments or follow me at Sarah Eshleman Author Page on Facebook.

Welcome to Goose Hill. Just, please. . . watch your step and, whatever you do, don’t feed the geese.


9 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Sarah. I clicked on over via the Ruminate Blog. Happy Golden birthday today! (I wanted to comment on your blog post with your list of lessons, but there was no space to do so…. Maybe comments are turned off?)
    Anyway–great thoughts on the Ruminate blog. Well done.


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