SarahIn 2016, I moved to the Cincinnati area to work as a content editor at a non-profit organization. Here, my best friend and fellow writer Laura and I keep busy by dreaming of where we’re headed and making the most of our days (and keeping the local Macaron Bar in business).

Oh, and then there’s the boy—our dachshund, Dudley. All stomach that dog, and he wears his little heart on his furry sleeve.

When I started my blog, we lived at the top of a hill overlooking a goose pond. I called it Goose Hill. But we recently moved to a nicer apartment. However, as Ishmael said, “It is not down in any map; true places never are.” Goose Hill has also been a figurative place—a way of thinking—of viewing the world.

I’m always changing my view of things—always trying to look at life and its dealings from a different perspective. But of this I am sure: between the lines, life is poetry, tragic and beautiful—or at least that’s how I choose to see it from my view on Goose Hill.

If you’re up for seeing things from a different point of view, rethinking what you thought you knew, or learning random facts that could very well win you a million dollars some day on a trivia game show, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’d love to hear your perspective too, so please start a conversation in the comments or follow me at Sarah Eshleman Author Page on Facebook.

Welcome to Goose Hill. Just, please. . . watch your step and, whatever you do, don’t feed the geese.


15 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Sarah. I clicked on over via the Ruminate Blog. Happy Golden birthday today! (I wanted to comment on your blog post with your list of lessons, but there was no space to do so…. Maybe comments are turned off?)
    Anyway–great thoughts on the Ruminate blog. Well done.


  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your work after reconnecting on Facebook! You were always Heather’s kid sister in my remembrances of you, and now I get a glimpse of your amazing skill with words. I’m more of a consumer than a creator, but I appreciate quirk, wit, and insight–you have all of that and more. Good luck and keep up the excellent content creation!


    1. Thank you for reading and for your kind words, Anna. Hahaha. Sometimes I still feel very much like just Heather’s kid sister. She’s pretty intense in all that she does and keeps up with. 🙂 But I remember that you went to school for journalism, right?


      1. Nothing wrong with being someone’s kid sister, but you’ve done well in your own right. I did go to school for journalism, but changed majors at the end of my sophomore year. I am perpetually restless. haha! I am an attorney now, so I write, but not in the ways that I always wanted. My version of “creative” is pretty dry in this field.


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